Get Involved

Dr. Matthew Clark, a professor at Sonoma State University, and his team were recently awarded a NASA-funded citizen science grant to compare bird songs recorded in the field to habitat attributes measured from satellites in space!

During the prototype phase in 2017, Dr. Clark partnered with Pepperwood Preserve to test the methodology at the 3200-acre nature reserve, along with other properties around the Mark West watershed area. Following success in the Mark West watershed area, we have recently received funding for a three-year implementation phase, in which we are scaling the project up to cover all of Sonoma County. Other project partners include Point Blue Conservation Science, which will help process the data, and the Sonoma County Agricultural Protection and Open Space District, which is inviting the team to make measurements on multiple properties located throughout the county.

In order for this project to work, we need landowners who are willing to deploy sound recorders on their property. We are also in need of birders who can identify Sonoma County bird calls from recordings. This is where you come in! We are currently in the process of listening to our recordings and working with birders who are identifying the birds from our recordings.

If you own land in Sonoma County or have a passion for birding and are interested in being involved with this project, contact Dr. Clark at, or through our Contact Us page. For periodic updates about our work and opportunities to participate in the project, sign up for our mailing list here.